Kriya Yoga Acharya Dharmadas

A solution for overcoming our human nature

All of us humans are at odds with knowing what is better for us and an inability to execute positive behaviors.  Every New Year’s Eve, millions of people eagerly set their intentions with their resolutions for the new year.  By the time February first comes to pass, most people have forgotten what they intended to …

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Babaji’s Kriya Yoga and Neuroscience

The Practice of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga in the light of recent advances in neuroscience (A summary of an article written by M. G. Govindan) Neuroscience teaches valuable lessons for yoga enthusiasts. Thanks to MRI, scientists have unraveled the brain’s complexities, shedding light on the roots of suffering and ways to enhance well-being. Our brain’s evolution, …

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There is only one Guru in Kriya Yoga

An excerpt from a letter by Durga The realization of Divinity, of Babaji, is a Presence experienced in the heart. And as the initiate grows in spiritual understanding and experience, his true nature unfolds, and consciousness expands. We Kriyabans seek to recognize our own True Nature, which is unconditional love, and dynamic creative energy. The …

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